The Story of Midnight Empire
Midnight Empire meets w/ First Major Management Company

So last night was interesting to say the least. Midnight Empire was going to sit down and do a call (Skype) with a Management Company who was booking and doing PR work for some decent bands out there. This is kind of a big deal because they will basically help promote/book you for events a little bigger than say Deep Ellum. So we sat down at 9:30, which was 7:30 for the Management Co. out of California, and the owner was a smiling pleasant person who was ready for business. She started by saying her favorite songs on the Album were Sign of the Times, Borrowed Time, All used up, and Two against one. She then went on to say she was really interested in us but she thinks that we should not do the “whole hard rock thing.” She said to Art I love your guitar abilities but no more solos and for Jacob, you have a great range and can sing amazingly but don’t sing high anymore. I think you guys need to tone it down and focus on the softer side and you could be the next Gin Blossoms. I think if you do this you will be very marketable and will be on your way! She talked about some other things including price and shows she would book us for and the opportunity to do a tour with some big bands at some pretty awesome venues in California. While all this was going on I sat there quietly and pretended like I gave a shit and she said, “I actually would like to know what Jacob thinks.” I then put my beer down and was disappointed that I had to stop drinking and my answer went like this…

"I feel like you just walked into Guns n’ Roses dressing room, Circa Appetite for Destruction, and said hey guys you are awesome but Im gonna need you to all start writing more songs like "Patience" and stop being so loud. I then said the way I sing and the broad range I use comes naturally and gives me a huge advantage over most singers because no one is really doing that anymore and its a shame." 

She was a little surprised at my answer and then the quote of the night came from Kevin when he responded with, “Midnight Empire is a trend setter, not a trend follower.” 

So we said our goodbye’s and then talked as a band. We all swore that no matter what happens and how pretty the carrot dangling in front of our faces is “WE WILL NOT SELL OUT!!!”

Prophet Bar photos

Prophet Bar gig/After party…

So the Prophet Bar show was pretty awesome…There was a great turnout, booze, and the forever famous Koolade man. We played 13 songs including an ACDC cover of “Money Talks.” We jumped around like mad men and all went home sore because of head banging, pelvic thrust, and I’m pretty sure I even saw Kevin make it rain once. These are all the things you get to experience at one of Midnight Empire’s shows. If you haven’t made it out to a show yet or haven’t been to a show since the addition of Chad the new Bass player, then you need to get off your ass. Midnight Empire will be headlining 4/7/12 at the Boiler Room in Deep Ellum and it is sure to be a spectacle. 

        The After party was at the Aloft hotel in Downtown Dallas where a slue of our closest friends were there to drink and lose a few brain cells. Also, some new found friends from the Gypsy Bravado band were there hanging out and celebrating Mo’s Bday. Also, the Koolade man graced us with his presence and celebrated by pissing all over the place. I woke up the next morning and I was physically drained and my body was pretty sore. I started the journey home and I got a text from the Bass player Chad that read, “I cant wait till we do this everyday.” 

More Flakes than a Cereal box…

Over the last 7 to 8 months Midnight Empire has run across some pretty cool people. We have a new bass player whom you have met Chad. We have a new merge girl. We met some pretty cool people through kick and we have met some pretty cool people through the album that we just recorded ect. However we have met some really freaking stupid people as well. I guess with any business there is always going to be the flakes. The flakes are mostly the people that promise things that they cannot come up with. They say stupid things and then they disappear and say oh yeah I was just using the bathroom. I’m absolutely sure we will meet more of the flakes throughout our Rock endeavors. But the next time that I do I will tell them hey man I’m in Midnight fu$&ing Empire so you need to kiss my ass with that silly mouth and make me a sandwich Bit&@.

Were here to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble Gum…And were all out of Bubble Gum.

So last night Midnight Empire went on around 10pm and it was “Pure unfiltered Rock and Roll.” It was at Hailey’s in Denton Tx were we had only played in Denton once before and our manager Keevin got kicked out of Andy’s for being awesome. The Show started off with a crowd of about 55 swarming in to the front of the stage. It was time to separate the bullshit of the corporate America that we all deal with day to day and enjoy a true fucking rock show. Art Struck (Lead Guitar) did a flying leap kick off the stage and his converse shoes just could not hold the weight of pure adrenaline and slipped to the ground where his body was wedged in between the cold concrete floor and the stage monitors. But to everyone’s amazement he didn’t miss a note. And to top it off he kept playing…on the Fu^&ing ground! I was impressed with the crowd and their participation they were going just as nuts as we were. Also, it was our bass players Chad McClintock debut show and I must say he tore it up like he was born to do this. Now that I am not playing bass and I am free to roam where ever I please I am super stoked. I am going to mosh, lay on the ground, scream insane notes, and create an intense epic atmosphere that people will never forget. We really appreciate everyone that made the drive out to Denton to support. The next show is March 24th where we will headline at the Prophet Bar in Dallas. I expect nothing but greatness and a huge crowd of our closest friends and some who will become as addicted as we all are. I will post up some of the highlight pics. Thanks again and stay tuned…

Album Release Show and other rock stuff

Well my plan had been to not post to the blog again until I had the rest of the studio story done, but after writing ten pages and working on cutting it down, my computer crashed and I lost everything. SO, rock and roll readers, with everything approaching my plan now is to update you on life with the band right now, and if you’re really good, I’ll post the studio story in installments as I get it rewritten.

What’s going on right now with the band you ask?
Only our album release party coming up on the 21st!

Our good friend Rob up at The Bone in Deep Ellum is having us back for the hootnanny. (Chocked full of hoot, just a liiiittle bit of nanny.) Some of you may know that Midnight Empire played their first gig there. This was also, might I add, where my journey with them began. You see, after meeting Art and Kevin out at the pre-warp tour party at the Double Wide, they invited me to the show. I didn’t know at the time that it was their first gig, and after a friend bailed on me, I had to show up alone.
So there I am, sitting at the bar alone drinking a beer like a loser, listening to some kid play licks on a guitar to tracks coming from an amp thinking I have GOT to be in the wrong place… When I see Kevin walk by. So I slugged him in the arm and he said, “HEY, you’re here! Wanna be the merch girl?”
Looking back now, I think he was probably taking pity on me and just giving me something to do so I’d feel included. Bless his heart. So I spent the evening giving away t-shirts and stickers, drinking and being introduced to what Midnight Empire really was: a kickass rock band. (I should also add that all I got out of Jake that night was a nod. I think he might have been a little nervous. Don’t tell him you heard that from me.)

And now we will return to the scene of the crime. Instead of drinking a beer I’ll be partaking in a “Sun and Moon” … The drink named after the band for the event. It’s one part blue carouso, one part Bacardi O, a splash of cranberry juice and topped with a sunny slice of orange. It’s ridiculously good. I highly recommend trying one.
The doors will open at 8 and the show will be kicked off by a killer new band fronted by our buddy, Kenneth called The Dead Mockingbirds. They’ve got sort of a grungy Beatles thing going for them and I totally dig the sound. They’ll take the stage at 9. At 10, the boys of Krash Rover will do their Texas thang and Midnight Empire goes on at 11. I expect it to get wild so be prepared to party your tails off.
This time, I’ll be slinging t-shirts for $12 and albums for $10 and the band will be stopping by the merch table to kick it with me after the show and talk to all of you lovely people. Maybe if you ask nicely, they’ll sign a poster or two for ya. (Or take it up with me and I’ll bark at them and make sure they do.)

Also, quick reminder, if you can’t for whatever insane reason make it to the party, stop by the website and find out where you can find the album. Not only is it on itunes, but hard copies are available at various record stores in Dallas and Austin.
That’s all for now kids. I’ll fill you in on more epicness later.

(Oh! Shoutout to Jason Bosworth for supplying me with a samsung galaxy tab and keyboard so I can write for you guys again. It came at exactly the right time!)

Midnight Empire’s radio debut on the Loud and Local show with Angela Chase on 97.1 The Eagle.

Midnight Empire’s Radio Debut!

So, I realize I’m late on getting the rest of the studio story up … but this post must be made first.


Yep, that’s right … the band just blasted from my speakers on the 97.1 show Loud and Local hosted by Angela Chase. We all posted on her wall today to get the band on the air, and 20 minutes ago, my facebook wall blew up with excitement. 

The first notes of Misery played under Chase’s voice and my eyes got as big as Dallas. I then proceeded to dance around my room for a minute with my dog. Kevin said he cried a little in his car. I hear Matt is celebrating by drinking a little whiskey. I might do the same. 

Special thanks to all the support from our friends and fans … Beth Dee, Krysta Summers Aiken, Enrico DeLeon, Ron Gilliland and Jose Ramos … just to name a FEW. These guys I know bombarded Angela Chase’s facebook wall to get the boys on. 

I am one proud little assistant manager. Moments like this make all the crap I’ve struggled with this year totally worth it! You rock, Midnight Empire. HARD.

Midnight Empire “Everything and Nothing” EPK Preview courtesy of Video Tape Records.